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web quality, loyalty, bank performance


In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, consumer behavior in finding and obtaining information shifted from print media to be more dominant, using electronic media. The increase in the number of individual consumers in using it can be influenced by the quality of the website that can provide the information that customers need. Website quality is one determining factor whether consumers want to make transactions through the website, because consumers fully rely on the information owned by the website so that trust arises to decide to buy. For the banking industry, digital marketing is a reliable way because it is proven to be effective and efficient, especially through the website. Information on banking products can be presented, through the website, some transactions can be served well, this shows the quality of the website that is owned is very good and can be a factor driving customer loyalty by making repeated transactions using the website and will not be affected to switch to competitors. When customer loyalty is formed, it will certainly affect the performance of the bank because the company can make cost savings in getting new customers. It is an effective way to increase company profits. The results of the study have significance with p-value <0.01 so that there is a direct influence on web quality (X) on financial performance (Z) and there is no mediation through customer loyalty (Y) on financial performance (Z) because the p-value is greater than 0.01.


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