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impulse buying, social media content


Today technology is one of the most important business aspects as a facility that can give a company a competitive advantage by using social media. The high number of social media users makes the business producers use it as a promotion media. Bandung is a city center that offers all kinds of needs; one of them is fashion. The rapid development of fashion’s creative industries is marked by the number of distribution outlets (distro), clothing, and factory outlets (FO) that increase from year to year. This research is conducted to determine the social media content of Instagram used by the Bandung fashion industries and its influence on impulse buying. The method used in this research is descriptive verification. The data collection technique is carried out through a questionnaire and interview. The respondents of this research are 100 consumers of 85 outlets. Based on the hypothesis testing using simple linear regression, it can be stated that the validity (significant) is “there is an influence of social media content of Instagram on impulse buying.”


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